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Nancy Sexton─“Fitness Expert”

By Regina Washington (co-authored by Dino M. Zaffina)

Nancy Sexton has always been involved in fitness ever since adolescence. Her athletic abilities provided opportunities in basketball and track. Although Nancy was recruited to run track for Ohio State, she decided to accept a full ride basketball scholarship to Akron University in Ohio.

After college, Sexton began modeling which led her to work in New York and later walking the runways in Europe. During her stint in Europe, Sexton also had an album out that sent her out on tour. While preparing for the musical tour she got involved in fitness. Sexton explained that she had to get in really good shape for the tour.

Once she returned to the states, Nancy decided to get certified as a fitness trainer. Since she was living in New York Nancy chose one of the largest certification organizations, AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America). Nancy holds nine certifications.

Nancy’s original fitness company was called “Dial Tone Fitness.” She originally started that company and program because her first certification was as a phone coach. That is a program where individuals can receive training over the telephone and online, and then go off on their own and train. Clients can go online and view charts and graphs which guide them through their training programs. A lot of people like this system because it is so user friendly because of the convenience of the Internet.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2004, Sexton changed the company name to “ReaLife Fitness” because she wanted a name that was all encompassing of what her fitness program was all about.  “My style of training is not just putting people on machines and I watch. I do a type of training called ‘Metabolic’ training. I try to get people to change their own metabolisms, so that they burn more calories while driving their car, eating dinner, watching TV, sitting at their desk, instead of just putting them in the gym,” said Sexton. She further stated, “Change their eating habits, one thing that people do not want to do is give up their food, but they will change in their exercise routine, especially if they are willing to go to a gym and buy a membership. They are probably more willing to step up and do something exercise-wise that can affect their metabolic rate.”

Nancy Sexton has a very special style of fitness training. She said, “The system that I train people in is very unique. I do not know of any other trainer that trains people the way that I do and I think that is why I have been so successful since I have been out in Los Angeles. I built up my business very quickly.” Nancy trains between 35-to-55 clients a week. Nancy stated, “People continue to train with me because (a) they get results and (b) because I entertain the crap out of them; we always have a really great time.”

Sexton trains her clients in three different locations: “Body Rush” an all women’s gym in North Hollywood; “Body Image,” a co-ed gym also in the North Hollywood; and her personal gym in her home. “I have a gym in my condo, and if they come recommended through an outside source then I train people in my home. I train a lot of people at my home,” said Sexton.

ReaLife Fitness is not only based on personal training. Nancy also works with her clients on their diet. She has implemented the whole idea of diet and gives people a road map through another company that she works with which is called “Ideal Health.” Through “Ideal Health” people’s liver function is adjusted through customized nutrition, by getting people tested, so that they have a better metabolic pathway to follow, so that their body’s function at a higher level. “It is a wonderful program that I’ve implemented into my already existing training nutritional line,” said Nancy.

This entrepreneur woman is nonstop. She recently released a project called “Goalery.” It is a goal jewelry line that is available on the web through a jewelry company. It is available through; it is also available through the Sexton said, “‘Goalery’ was established because throughout this past year I set goals and reset goals, I was able to catapult my business, as well as my personal advancements. I bought a condo, and just did a lot of things outside of the box that I would not have been able to do if it were not for my goal setting capabilities,” said Sexton. “One of the reasons that this worked so well for me was because I had my goals written down and visually in front of me all the time, so I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a bracelet that would have your goal on it?’  And you could have your goal with you at all times.”

Nancy Sexton’s own goal techniques led her to develop a piece of jewelry that people can wear which pinpoints their own goals, so that they can see what it is that they are striving to accomplish. “Goalery” is made out of sterling silver and most pieces are under $100.00; a small price to pay to reach a goal.

Nancy appreciates Los Angeles and the surrounding communities and what the people have done to help build her business. She is a firm believer in giving back to the community. Nancy has become an active member of the Universal/North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and has recently become a member of the Jaycees. Due to her positive approach to business and her highly motivational skills she was appointed to the International Vice President of Public Relations. Nancy has been asked to go overseas to work with other Chamber of Commerce in other parts of the world to assist them in setting up their offices and to get people on the right track setting up their businesses. Nancy is currently scheduled to travel to London and India and speak on behalf of the Jaycees.

Sexton also finds time to be involved in other charities. She works with the AIDS Service Center throughout the year. When they have their annual big event, “The Big Night Out,” Sexton donates to show her support.

One might ask themselves how this lovely fit woman who trains 35-to-55 clients a week, is involved in the Chamber of Commerce, and in local charities can find the time for anything else.  Nancy Sexton can.  She is still very active in her acting, singing, and writing.

Nancy can be seen this spring on Ship Out, Shape Up on Discovery Health and The Gym airs on FitTV.

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